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Welcome to the Georgetown City Fire Department. Here, it's all about service. Since our founding in 1798, the Georgetown City Fire Department has built a strong reputation for serving the citizens of Georgetown, South Carolina. From fire suppression and emergency first responders, to our emphasis on fire prevention and safety education, the department has always worked diligently to meet the changing needs of our community. This website is another channel through which we can deliver important information and services, in order to further serve the public.

Hydrant Testing 2018


Georgetown City Fire Department


March 26, 2018

(Georgetown) – The City of Georgetown will begin testing the City’s Fire Hydrant System Monday April 9, 2018, and conduct daily flushing each week throughout the City. Fire Hydrant flushing is necessary to ensure the water distribution system is adequately flushed of sediment and is prepared to provide water for fire suppression.

During the flushing procedure, in the immediate neighborhood, some discoloration of the water may occur. Water discoloration occurs when sediment in water pipes gets stirred up, and although flushing is designed to flush sediment out of the lines, some discoloration may linger in building pipes. You may avoid any further discoloration by simply allowing water to run through your faucet for a couple of minutes.

During the flushing process, the water remains safe to drink and consume. Discoloration, however, may stain clothing so residents are urged not to wash clothes on the day of the test in your neighborhood. Testing will occur between 9:00 AM and 3:00 PM. A daily schedule of testing will be available on the internet at www.georgetowncityfire.org or on the City’s Radio Station, WGEO, FM 105.7. Updates will also be provided on Facebook on the Georgetown City Fire Department page.

2018 Hydrant Testing Schedule

Hydrant flushing will take place from 9:00am and until 3:00pm, Monday through Friday. The following is a schedule of the streets where flushing will take place.

Week One – April 9, 2018 through April 13, 2018

McCaffrey Ct., Campbell Ct., Cribb Ct., Delta Dr., Avant Ct., Canton Ct., Falcon Ct., Pate Ct., Lincoln St., Legion St., Manigault Crt., State St., Rutledge St., Simms St., Palm Alley, Levy Alley, Timrod St., Palm St., Hampton St., Hampton Ct., Lynch St., Dekalb St., Sorrell St., Sedge St., Resevoir St., Stevenson St., Whitesbridge St., Farrelly St., Mayer St., Littlebrooke Dr., Anthuan Maybank Dr., Morgan St., Liberty St., Doar St., (Alex Alford from 300 Block to Church) (N. Merriman from 300 to N. Fraser), Lafayette St., (1400 Block of Church , Highmarket, Duke to 3000 Block), N. Congdon St., Washington St., Rainey Dr.

Week Two – April 16, 2018 through April 20, 2018

Cypress Crt., Nimmer Ln., Marshview Ln., Palmetto St., Willowbank Rd. (Wood St. North of Church St.), Enrich Dr., Bonds Alley, Wigfall St., Huger St., Black River Road, Memorial Ln., Emergency Ln., (Saville St. to N. Fraser St.), Richmond Rd., Heyward St., Landgrave St., Lucas St., Cuttino St., Grimes St., Horry St., Kinlock St., Mahan St., Pyatt St., Charlotte St., Indigo Ave. and Nowell St. All Street in Maryville Area including Cravens Grants and South Island Plantation will be conducted this week.


Week Three – April 23, 2018 through April 27, 2018

Dozier St., Cleland St., Wood St., King St., Orange St., Broad St., Screven St., Queen St., Cannon St., St. James St., Meeting St., Smith St., River St., East Bay St., Howard St., Bolick St., Frontage Rd., Marina Dr., Chantley Alley, (Church St., Prince St., Highmarket St., Duke St. from 1300 Block to Marina Dr., Greenwich Dr.


Week Four – April 30, 2018 through May 1, 2018

Ridge St., Branch St., Rhodes St., Collins St., Seaboard St., Front St. Extension, Railroad Ave., Railroad St., Dusenberry St., H. St., A. Ave., A St., B. St., C. St., D. St., E. St., Winyah St., Emanuel St., (Front St. from 1400 Block to 2800 Block), Prince Street (1400 Block to 2700 Block), Gilbert St., Butts St., Hawkins St., Bourne St., Wagstaff Alley, Davis Alley, (Alex Alford 200 Block to End South Alex Alford Dr.), (Congdon St. from 200 Block South to end), Canal St., Henry St., John St., Tarbox St., and Dock St.,


Week Five – May 6, 2018

Front St. in Historical District from the 100 Block to the 1300 Block, will be conducted (Sunday May 6, 2018).

General Cooking Precautions

General Cooking Precautions
• Stay in the kitchen when you are cooking - frying, broiling or boiling -  at high temperatures.
• Make your cooking area safe. Move things that can burn away from the stove. Turn pot handles toward the back so they can’t be bumped.
• Watch what you’re cooking. Use a timer when roasting a turkey or baking.
• Be prepared. Keep a large pan lid or baking sheet handy in case you need to smother a pan fire.
• Stay awake and alert while you’re cooking. If you see smoke or the grease starts to boil in your pan, turn the burner off.
• Prevent burns. Wear short sleeves when you cook, or roll them up. Don’t lean over the burner. Use potholders and oven mitts to handle hot cookware.

Flood Disaster Aid

IMG 7293

SCDOT Announcement

September 29, 2015

September 29th 12:30 PM.  On Monday, September 21th, the City of Georgetown was notified by the SC Dept. of Transportation (“SCDOT”) that the Highway 17/521/701 (“Five Points”) intersection concrete resurfacing project would be delayed. SCDOT only received one bid for the work, which exceeded the project budget of $3.15 million by 92%. Under federal guidelines, the project must be rebid.

The City began work in July to relocate underground utilities around the Five Points intersection in anticipation of the SCDOT resurfacing that was supposed to immediately follow. This is disappointing news to the City because coordinating the work with SCDOT was intended to save money and lessen the impact on the community. The origin of the project began in 1999 with the idea to resurface the highly traveled Five Points intersection to a durable concrete surface from asphalt to extend the time between future resurfacings. There would also be improvements to traffic flow to reduce congestion.

The City understands the inconvenience of this decision to citizens and businesses along the Fraser Street/ Hwy 17 corridor. It also understand the reasons for SCDOT’s inability to proceed. 


Below is a statement from SCDOT:

Statement of Leah Quattlebaum : Program Manager of the SC Dept. of Transportation

On September 8th, the SC Department of Transportation publicly opened the bidding process for a concrete paving project located in the area known as Five Points in the City of Georgetown. This project is located in the same vicinity as the work that is now occurring to relocate underground utilities and place overhead utilities underground.

Only one bid was received for the project which was substantially over the approved engineer’s estimate for the project.  Therefore under federal regulations, the Department was unable to award the project and move forward with construction.  It is the intent of the Department to review the bid package to determine if any modifications can be made to reduce the proposed cost of the project and re-advertise the project to receive bids in the Summer of 2016.  

If you have additional questions regarding this matter, please speak to the SCDOT Program Manager @ 803-737-1751.

Firefighter II Class

Day 2 of Firefighter II. Practical skills with foam, cribbing, flammable liquid hose drill and generator and lighting skills.DSCN1199