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All Emergencies: Call 911

Non-Emergency 843-527-6763

Poison Control 800-222-1222

SC Forestry 800-986-5256


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Welcome to the Georgetown City Fire Department. Here, it's all about service. Since our founding in 1798, the Georgetown City Fire Department has built a strong reputation for serving the citizens of Georgetown, South Carolina. From fire suppression and emergency first responders, to our emphasis on fire prevention and safety education, the department has always worked diligently to meet the changing needs of our community. This website is another channel through which we can deliver important information and services, in order to further serve the public.

Outdoor Electrical Safety


Grilling Fire Safety

Summertime is here, we hope you have a safe and fun summer! Please follow these safety guidelines for grilling.

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Kids & Wheeled Sport Safety

wheeled sports safety infographic

Electrical Safety Around Water

Have a fun and safe summer, please follow these guidelines.


Extension Cord Safety

Reaching to Safety Use Extension Cords Properly