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All Emergencies: Call 911

Non-Emergency 843-527-6763

Poison Control 800-222-1222

SC Forestry 800-986-5256


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WGEO-FM 105.7

WGEO-LP was initially licensed by the Federal Communications Commission on August 14, 2002. Out license was renewed on December 1, 2011.

WGEO, Georgetown Emergency Operations Radio, is a low power FM radio station designed to accomplish two goals. Its primary goal is to keep city residents informed about special disaster information. After Hugo in 1989, it was very hard for City Residents to get information about help and assistance. During the 1996 Hurricane Season, two storms brushed our coast causing a full evacuation of the beaches and coastline. Miles of evacuating motorists clogged the highways and needed information.

Now, when the City needs to get information out, we simply "Go On the Air" and provide information directly to motorists and residents.

During "non-emergency" times, the station continuously broadcasts information about the Tourism sites available around the City and on traffic conditions, highways, area history and city government.image325

The station uses Jockey Pro LT to coordinate the verbal information with music. During December, the station broadcasts an excellent selection of Seasonal Holiday music.

WGEO replaced the earlier version of Georgetown Radio when the city owned WPKY 886, a low power AM radio station.


The public has a right to make comment on our renewal and file it with the Federal Communications Commission on or before any renewal date. Their address is...

Office of the Secretary
Federal Communications Commission
442 12th Street SW
Washington, DC 20554