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Home Fire Safety


  • Wear short or tight-fitting sleeves when cooking.
  • Maintain a constant watch when preparing food.
  • Use a low flame to guard against overheated grease.
  • Always turn pot handles toward the center of the stove.
  • Keep your stove and oven clean.
  • Keep towels, potholders and other combustibles away from stove.


  • Use large, heavy ashtrays that won’t tip over.
  • Always extinguish tobacco completely.
  • Always empty ashtrays after the ashes are cool.
  • Check trash cans and furniture for smoldering cigarettes before going to bed.
  • Store matches and lighters out of the reach of Children.


  • Use only UL-approved electrical appliances.
  • Use only one appliance per outlet or extension cord.
  • Give large appliances their own heavy-duty electric circuit.
  • Use only multiple plug adapters that have a circuit breaker built-in.
  • If you experience frequently tripped circuit breakers, flickering lights, or a shrinking television picture, call an electrician. These are signs of faulty, failing or inadequate wiring.

HEATING SYSTEMS: Special Instructions for Heaters

  • All home heating devices need at least 3 feet of space between the heater and combustibles like drapes and bedspreads.
  • Install a Carbon Monoxide detector if your heating system is not electrical. Burning fuels create carbon monoxide.
  • Have chimneys and fireplaces cleaned and inspected regularly.
  • Use only clear Kerosene in Kerosene heaters.
  • Frequently examine connections, pipes, hoses, valves and wiring for damage, leaks, and wear. Repair damage immediately.


  • Test your smoke detector weekly.
  • Review with your family, two escape routes from every room in the house, each month.
  • Practice good fire safety habits.


  • Never store Gasoline or Kerosene in the house.
  • Always allow lawn mowers to cool before storing them inside.
  • Always allow grills to cool before storing them inside.
  • Keep papers and combustibles off of the top of water heaters.
  • Keep your attic neat and never place combustibles on attic heating systems.
  • Store hazardous chemicals in their original containers and keep them out of the reach of children.
  • Pool chemicals are very hazardous, use with caution and store in a safe place.

If you have questions or need additional help, call us 546-4200.